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From 2001 until 2016 Petra had worked as a piano teacher at the Municipal Institute for Education in Music and Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Currently she teaches piano in Deventer and Apeldoorn. She teaches children, teenagers, and adults, both individual and in small groups. During her stay in the USA she taught piano group lessons as well. She participated in the Music Education study group Observing and evaluating musical behavior of children of the School of Arts in Utrecht. Recently her book 'Waar gaan we vandaag pianoŽn, juf?' ('Where will we piano today, Ms.?') was published - as a souvenir for her students but moreover as a pleading to emphasize the importance of good and affordable music education for everyone.

At UNM, Petra also did the piano accompaniment for the voice classes.

During summer she frequently teaches piano at Music Summer Camps in the USA.

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